Biscotti Strain (AAAA) Indica Dominant Hybrid Strain

Biscotti Strain (AAAA)

Biscotti Strain (AAAA) Indica Dominant Hybrid Strain Canada Review

Damnesia Strain (AAA) Sativa Dominant Hybrid Strain

Biscotti Crafted Quads (AAAA)

$36.99 – $212.99

Indica Dominate Hybrid (80% indica/20% sativa). 25-28% THC

Body High, Giggly, Relaxing, Uplifting

Fruity, Nutty, Spicy, Sugary, Sweet

Earthy, Fruity, Herbal, Nutty, Sweet

May Relieve:
Anxiety, Chronic Pain, Depression, Mood Swings, Stress

Biscotti Strain (AAAA) Review

The Biscotti strain is an Indica dominant hybrid that has a THC content of 25%. It’s an excellent choice for users who want to eat and smoke at the same time.  The effects are described as being relaxing, with some creativity and euphoria mixed in.  This weed relieves pain, stress, chronic anxiety disorders, muscle spasms, ADD/ADHD symptoms like irritability and restlessness.  I recommend this weed for people looking for something to help them unwind after work or school and enjoy being active. 

If you’re looking for a potent and reliable strain that’s high in THC, then Biscotti is your best strain. This AAAA-rated hybrid has been around for over three decades, with the original genetics being from Northern California. The plant produces beautiful large colas covered in trichomes and has an earthy fragrance with hints of citrus. It’s one of my personal favorites because it provides a clear-headed cerebral effect without making me feel lethargic or fatigued. If you’re looking to get work done, this is the strain to use! 

Biscotti produces a calming, relaxing euphoria that lasts for hours on end. This weed is perfect to use as a sleep aid or have trouble with muscle spasms or chronic pain. The effects can last up to 4 hours which means you will be able to enjoy your night! 

Biscotti strain is one of the best strains we have encountered in our time reviewing marijuana strains online. With a little bit of research, you may find it challenging to find anything negative about this weed because it seems like it’s been made just for you.


Why Do You Choose Biscotti Strain (AAAA)? 

Biscotti is a rare hybrid strain created through the delicious cross of classic Gelato #25 X Girl Scout Cookies. The high will quickly become giggly and Stoney, leaving you laughing at anything around you – perfect for chronic stress or anxiety! 

Biscotti strain is a rare Indica dominant hybrid with 80% of the effects of indicia and 20% Sativa. It means you’ll feel relaxed, have mellow moods, and be giggly after taking only one toke. Biscotti can also help relieve chronic stress or anxiety and depression for those who suffer from it. It has 25-28% average THC levels, producing pleasant sensations like laughing at anything around you while leaving your mind clear enough to make decisions calmly.

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