Buy Weed Online Canada: 7 Ways to Use Cannabis

Buy Weed Online Canada

There are many ways to consume cannabis other than smoking. Thanks to modern technology, today’s smokers have more options than ever when it comes to cannabis consumption.

Eat Raw Cannabis

When using cannabis, edible is common, but people don’t really think about consuming raw cannabis. However, humble fan blades are commonly referred to as “superfoods” for good reason. Raw cannabis is very easy to add to dishes and smoothies and is a great way to consume vegetables daily. It’s rich in antioxidants and anthocyanins that support heart health, so there’s no reason not to give it a try. Check out cannabis store online for the highest quality products.

Cannabis Edible 


Anyone who has been to a cannabis pharmacy or coffee shop knows edible foods. Whether you buy it or cook it yourself, you should have a good time if you do it the right way. You may not know that there are many other ways to make food. From cannabis candies to THC ice cream, the only limitation is your imagination!

Cannabis Drink


As I said before, cannabis smoothies are possible, but have you ever eaten a cannabis milkshake? It turns out that with your favorite varieties you can make rich and enjoyable drinks.


All you need to do is brew cannabis butter or cannabis oil, and you can add cannabis to almost any drink. Maybe you start your day with a cup of cannabis coffee! If you need something a little more refreshing, you can also make your own weeded soft drinks and juices!

Weed Vaping


Of course, one of the more obvious alternatives to combustion is weed vaping. Perhaps one of the most accessible ways to get cannabis, vaping has become a relatively healthy way. With so many devices available in almost every price range, you can find a weed vape that suits your needs.

Cannabis Tincture


Once upon a time, tinctures were one of the most common ways to consume cannabis. They have been obsolete for decades, especially with the advent of tobacco, edible, and ultimately premium concentrates. You may have noticed that the cannabis tincture is making a big comeback. These simple concentrates are an easy way to heal your weeds all day long.

Local Cannabis


Cannabis-injected creams, ointments and topical oils have been very popular for quite some time. They may not raise you, but they contain many compounds in cannabis that can interact with the skin’s intrinsic cannabinoid system. Cannabis skin care products are in high demand.

Cannabis Suppository


Well, please bear with this. Although it may sound old-fashioned and outdated, taking suppositories is a proven way to administer drugs that contain cannabis.


Making your own cannabis suppository has never been easier. Take about 1 inch capsules and add cannabis-injected coconut oil to harden. In short, that’s it! Once created, it’s ready to use.

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