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Looking for the best online weed shop to buy weed online in Canada where the price reflects the quality of your product? is the perfect place for you to buy weed online in Canada. Buy Bud Online offers Cannabis Strains, Weed Vape PensMagic Mushrooms, Cannabis  Bundle Packs, CBD, Concentrates, Edibles, Tinctures & Topicals at the lowest prices. 

Discover a diverse range of edibles, concentrates, cannabis oils, capsules, CBD oils, vape pens, and dried cannabis flowers in hybrid options with different potency of Indica, Sativa, CBD, and THC. Cannabis accessories are also on sale.

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Refer a friend and receive $25 off your next purchase over $100 when they make their first purchase. The friend referred will also receive an additional $20 off  their first time purchase of over $100.

  CanadianMOM is  proud to have been added on the MOMLIST and the MOMTrackr! We will be posting daily deals and strain reviews on the CMOM forums as well as on their Discord server. is a supporter of local Canadian owned businesses. Our Online dispensary is proudly helping Canadians across the Country safely access their medicine. COVID-19 Update: Please be advised some packages may experience delay in deliveries as Canada Post has suspended regular delivery guarantees. 

About Buy Bud Online

Buy Bud Online is committed to providing customers with high-quality cannabis products and information through a responsible channel of professional and friendly service. 

Buy Bud Online has an endless supply of Cannabis Strains, Weed Vape Pens,  Magic Mushrooms, Cannabis  Bundle Packs, CBD, Concentrates, Edibles, Tinctures & Topicals to relieve all conditions such as anxiety, stress, ADD / ADHD, depression, loss of appetite, muscular dystrophy, high blood pressure, insomnia, and migraine. In fact, our online weed store is guaranteed to offer the lowest prices online

For every order over $ 99, the best weeds in the world are delivered directly to the door! So, it is the best time to buy cannabis online in Canada.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Looking for a convenient way to buy cannabis in Canada? is a  favorite online weed shop for many weed lovers. You can browse a variety of Cannabis Strains, Weed Vape Pens,  Magic Mushrooms, Cannabis  Bundle Packs, CBD, Concentrates, Edibles, Tinctures & Topicals. Our marijuana products vary in strength to meet your needs, so you can maximize your experience and the benefits of cannabis. There are also cannabis-related accessories.

Is buying weed online safe in Canada? Yes, because Canada legalizes cannabis. So, you can buy medical weed online in Canada as well as cannabis for recreation purposes.

As one of Canada’s most reliable online weed dispensers, Buy Bud Online promises the highest quality Cannabis Strains, Weed Vape Pens,  Magic Mushrooms, Cannabis  Bundle Packs, CBD, Concentrates, Edibles, Tinctures & Topicals, and accessories available in the country. Buy Bud Online adheres to the highest standards of customer commitment. Nothing is more important to us than our mission to provide our community with unmatched product quality, best prices, and excellent customer support.

At Buy Bud Online, our goal is to provide our valued Canadian customers with the highest quality cannabis and cannabis products, as well as top-notch customer service and cannabis education. We strive to provide quality over quantity with the aim of providing our customers with the best deals through our online dispensary in Canada. We are here to give you access to the magic of marijuana for both medical and recreational cannabis use.

Excellent Weed Collection

We are very particular about the quality of our products and our collection is always refined and made up of the best buds known to mankind.

Top Support

We take pride in providing outstanding support and are the only Canadian pharmacy to offer our valued customers.

If you want to know how to buy cannabis online in Canada, you’ve come to the perfect place. View the various weeds and cannabis products for sale and click on the one you want to order. The checkout process is simple and easy. You buy everything else online, why not even weeds? Buy Bud Online Dispensary makes it easier than ever to deliver cannabis directly to your door. Not all weeds are made the same, and Buy Bud Online’s first priority is to offer the best cannabis at the best price.

  • Feel free to browse the premium range of Cannabis Strains, Weed Vape Pens,  Magic Mushrooms, Cannabis  Bundle Packs, CBD, Concentrates, Edibles, Tinctures & Topicals. Just click on the item you want to add to your cart.
  • Registering for Buy Bud Online is quick and easy. After registration, you can easily check out, pay with one click, manage and track your orders.
  • All you need to do next is pay the payment. After payment is complete, stay relax. Your order is currently in progress. Shipping details will be sent within 24 hours!

Step 1: Order

Order marijuana and cannabis products online and prove that you are over 19 years old.

Step 2. Pay

Select products and add to cart. Send payment by email for electronic forwarding interactions provided after ordering.

Step 3. Packaging

Marijuana products are shipped in discreet packaging.

Step 4. Shipping

1-5 business days for major cities and urban areas in Canada.