Magic Mushroom User Guide for Beginner

Magic Mushrooms

Prepare for the next level of spiritual and sensory quest. Magic mushrooms contain psilocybin, a compound that causes psychotropic effects. Travel in a state of blissful spiritual exploration, with countless flying colors dancing in front of you. Accept happiness and let your senses blossom to an unprecedented level of consciousness.

How can new users of Magic Mushrooms Guarantee a Safe Journey?


First of all, everyone reacts differently to a variety of products, including magic mushrooms. Therefore, it is very important to start with a small amount, test the mushroom and its world, and then decide for yourself which dose is appropriate.


With that in mind, determine the intensity of your first trip. Ultimately, I want to dive into the subconscious mind and swim in different landscapes while connecting with different senses of life. Or do you just want the effect of a mushroom that is comfortable and relaxing with colorful visuals and interesting shapes? 


You need to take it correctly according to the number of rides and the dose each time, but please wait a moment. I’ll talk about dosage soon.

Create a Calm And Safe Environment

Before thinking about travel intensity, dosage, etc., we need to create a calm and safe environment that can be called as a frame and environment. For most people, it’s not a street, bush, or toilet, but a home where you can explore the experience.

“Environment and frame” also includes your state of mind. Do not start taking Magic Mushrooms the day before your exam or job interview. Don’t choose a “safe” home where someone (or already has) doesn’t want to know about the use of mushrooms. A mixture of pre-travel horror and boredom can quickly turn into a terribly chaotic and bad trip. Please enjoy your trip calmly and openly. Know that whatever happens, everything works.

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