G Mint (AAA+)

Gelato Mint, otherwise known as G-Mint, is a rare Indica dominant hybrid strain with a delicious aroma. It is said to be a cross between It’s It and Cookies & Cream. This strain packs a punch in terms of potency. But, not to the point of leaving you sedated that you cannot get off your couch. It is widely used by some during the daytime as well as at night. Therefore, making this strain very versatile for use in many situations!

Users of the G-Mint strain will experience a blend of highs that is very enjoyable. At the onset, users will feel some cerebral focused sensations, resulting in minor mental stimulation that allows them to think much more freely. These may translate into some good brainstorming sessions that require a little more creativity. As time progresses, users will find that the body high is beginning to settle in. If you happen to be active when this happens, users may find that their bodies will start to feel a lot more sluggish and heavier. This is a great time to put on a movie to watch, or just doing anything that is relaxing and not too active. This Gelato Mint strain is best for night time use.

Users within the medical marijuana community have reported that G-Mint strain is effective in alleviating a number of ailments. Of which include stress, anxiety, and pain. It has the ability to help the user relax both body and mind. Which will help you unwind after a long day. For those who feel discomfort from sore muscles and joints, G-Mint may also help in alleviating this discomfort by numbing the pain.

Flavors: Sweet, Citrus, Pine

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