Premium Hollowtip Cartridges (Indica)


Killa Kush

Expect an earthy and a bit of spice on the exhale. A remedy for sleeplessness and giving you the ultimate nightcap.

  • Type: INDICA
  • Full Gram: 1000mg

Banana Clip 

With subtle notes of an overripe banana following hints of earthy tones. When you hit peak highness, get ready for the munchies and tiredness to make its way. This will help with soreness and appetite while relaxing the mind away.

  • Type: INDICA
  • Full Gram: 1000mg

Thompson OG

A tart taste with notes of lemon. This will relax your entire body and help with anxiety and insomnia. This strain often provides high THC concentration.

  • Type: INDICA
  • Full Gram: 1000mg
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Killa Kush, Banana Clip, Thompson OG


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