The Great Unveiling: How Long Do Cannabis Edibles Actually Take to Kick In?

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If you’ve ever indulged in a cannabis-infused gummy bear or relished a pot brownie, you’ll know that the effects of cannabis edibles are quite unique, and timing can make all the difference. Not only are these tiny treats a delightful way to experience the advantages of cannabis, but they also offer a long-lasting, often powerful, and somewhat enigmatic experience. Unravelling this mystery is no easy feat. The burning question: How long do these delectable gummies actually take for kick-in time to work?

While it’s tempting to gobble down that second gummy when you don’t feel anything immediately, understanding the science behind cannabis edibles can save you from an unexpectedly intense ride. As a golden rule, start low and go slow. Why, you ask? Let’s delve deeper and demystify the fascinating world of cannabis edibles.

The Journey of a Gummy: What Happens Inside Your Body

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First things first, let’s look at what happens when you consume that tempting gummy. It’s important to know that edibles work differently than inhaling cannabis. It’s a whole different ball game, and the process that unfolds in your body is incredibly fascinating.

  • Ingestion: As you chew and swallow, the gummy begins its journey through your digestive system. Remember, the effects aren’t immediate; the edible needs to be digested before it starts working its magic.
  • Absorption: Once your edible reaches the stomach and then the small intestine, the cannabinoids (like THC and CBD) are absorbed into the bloodstream. 
  • Metabolism: Next, the liver metabolizes the THC, converting it to 11-hydroxy-THC, which is a potent version that has more intense and longer-lasting effects. This is why cannabis edibles can give you such a unique high.
  • Circulation: Finally, the potent cannabinoids circulate through your bloodstream to your brain, causing you to feel the effects. 

The fascinating journey doesn’t stop here. There’s more to consider in our edible adventure.

Factors Influencing the Kick-In Time of Your Cannabis Edible

Different ingredients for reducing kick-in time

So, why is there such a broad range when it comes to when you might start to feel the effects of your cannabis edible? It turns out that several factors can influence the onset time. Let’s break these down.

  • Individual metabolism: Just like with food, your metabolism plays a significant role in how quickly you’ll feel the effects. A faster metabolism typically means quicker onset and shorter duration.
  • Empty vs. full stomach: Having food in your gut can slow absorption. This means eating your gummy on an empty stomach may lead to faster effects.
  • Tolerance: Regular users might experience effects later and for a shorter duration compared to occasional users.
  • Dosage and Potency: The higher the THC content, the more potent the effects. This also implies a longer absorption time.
  • Type of Edible: Not all edibles are created equal. Fat-soluble edibles like chocolate or cookies might have quicker onset times compared to gummies.

As you can see, the kick-in time of your cannabis edible is not just a simple countdown.


Navigating the world of cannabis flower can seem like a labyrinth at first. But once you understand the journey that a gummy takes in your body and the factors that influence the onset of effects, it becomes a fascinating adventure full of delicious treats and unique experiences.

Remind yourself that patience is the key ingredient when enjoying cannabis edibles from a reputable cannabis store. The onset might be gradual, but the effects can be long-lasting and potent. Everyone’s experience with cannabis edibles is unique, just like our bodies. So, start low, go slow, and listen to your body. With a better understanding of how long cannabis edibles take to kick in, you’re all set to make informed decisions and have a safe, enjoyable experience. So, are you ready for your next cannabis edible adventure?

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